Intelligent designs, innovative materials and bombproof construction are the heart, soul, skin and bones of every board in the Jones line-up. We sacrifice nothing to build high performance and durable boards that are a direct reflection of our passion for snowboarding day-in day-out, snow or sunshine, pow or bulletproof, in the trees, the steeps, or the park.

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Jeremy Jones’ quest to build splitboards that shred equally as hard as solid boards was one of the founding goals of Jones Snowboards. All seven of our splitboard models are designed to meet that challenge and perform in the backcountry with every bit of the technical precision that our solid boards are renowned for. By sharing the same designs between solid boards and splitboards, we also offer the rare opportunity to master riding one board shape in bounds or out.

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Women are setting backcountry bootpacks and charging radical lines more than ever before. Jones Snowboards is lock step with this female freeride revolution as we offer a stacked line-up of women’s specific boards that are built to shred every bit as hard as our men’s models. The dimensions and flex specs of the women’s series are simply customized for lighter and smaller riders using the same bomber materials and cutting edge construction. Serious powder hounds take note that we’ve added a Women’s Hovercraft to the quiver for 2014.

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"Jones packs have everything you need and nothing you don’t. They are the ultimate backcountry snowboarding packs." - Jeremy Jones

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