Liz Daley scores epic pow in the Cascades, Washington.

Photo: Adam Clark

Liz Daley / Ambassador Guides


Home ZoneMt. Baker, WA and Chamonix, France
SponsorsArcade, Coal, Jammy Pack, Julbo, Karakoram, Patagonia, Petzl
Where do you guide backcountry snowboarding? I guide for the American Alpine Institute. In the spring I instruct an intro to splitboard mountaineering course in Washington and a Mt. Baker Summit course. Come ride with me in the Cascades! 2013 Season Highlight The highlight of my season was finally shredding Mont Blanc all the way to the Chamonix valley. I've been waiting to do this for about four years. Riding down was probably the best and the worst snow I rode all season. Towards the top we had some of the most epic powder I had all year and the bottom was the most sketchy, manky, wet slide death and avalanche debris crap I've ever ridden. I was pretty terrified actually. The main route where we usually descend was torn apart and blackened by the Bosson Glacier that was calving off and tearing out to the ground bringing up huge pieces of dirt and debris making some zones almost impassable. We descended around 12, 000 feet in about an hour. Favorite Jones Boards I ride the Women's Solution 56 and the Mothership 56. Both are ideal all-around boards and are basically the same board just one is split. They are awesome for shredding pow, tight turns in trees, holding a solid edge on icy terrain, stomping airs and hauling balls on big terrain. The mellow magne traction on the Solution is also awesome for skinning and holding an edge on icy traverses. I rarely need my split crampons because the edges hold so well. If you only got one pow day for the entire next winter, where would you ride? Helbronner, Italy. ~7, 000 feet of funivie accessed freeride. Cheap pizza, the best espresso and super friendly, happy people.
What is one lesson every beginner splitboarder should know? Take an avalanche course, it could save your life. And don't ride steep terrain with skiers, their extra edges will make you jealous. What video projects will you appear in this season and what mountain ranges or lines are on your radar? I'll have my own Epic TV series about classic, but not played out lines in and around Chamonix. Kind of like an entertaining topo/guide video. It's still in the preliminary, brainstorming stages but stay tuned! I'd love to go somewhere more exotic than the Alps, like Central Asia or Kamchatka. I haven't made any solid plans yet but we'll see. Why are your splitboarding courses special and what can people expect to learn on your course? If you want to explore the Baker backcountry or summit the actual volcano, Mt. Baker, my courses are the only courses offered by an AMGA accredited guide company in Washington State. My intro course covers the basics of splitboarding including: Splitboarding equipment selection and set-up, Avy beacon training and snowpack awareness, Setting a track and terrain selection, What makes a good backcountry partner and Social factors that effect decision making in the backcountry.