Alex Yoder lights up a wind lip riding in Chile.

Photo: Jeff Curley

Alex Yoder / International Team


Home ZoneJackson Hole, Wyoming
SponsorsAvalon 7, Bluebird, Dragon, Guayaki, Jackson Hole Mountain Resort, Karakoram, Patagonia, Leatherman Sport, Drink Water, Jackson Treehouse, Mangy Moose Saloon, Remind Insoles
2013 Season Highlight The highlight of last season for me was driving up to Haines, AK with Ralph Backstrom and Jeff Hawe and meeting up with Ryland Bell. We covered two thousand miles in three days packed into the GO! car and then showed up right in time to take advantage of a nice reset in Haines. Riding in Alaska with Ryland and Ralph was an incredible experience. Favorite Jones Board I rode the new Aviator the most. It is the best snowboard I have ever ridden. I ride it basically in everything; resorts, bigger lines, banked slaloms, pillows. I also put some great days in on the Hovercraft. I just love looking down and seeing that board. It changes everything, you enter a totally different state of mind when you're Hovercrafting. Why do you love to freeride? Bryan Iguchi passed on a good piece of wisdom to me. He compared a couple of lines we had just left on a face to graffiti on a wall, or a painting. He said something like "sometimes you create a masterpiece, and other times you leave a mess." Your tracks left are undeniable evidence of how you felt riding that line. I think it's rad how you can simply look at someone's track and tell if they had a blast, or dodged a bullet. It's that same 'blank canvas' analogy, the freedom to leave your mark however you choose. I guess that's what puts the "free" in free-riding. That's why I love to snowboard in general, freedom. If you only got one pow day for the entire next winter, where would you ride? Jackson Hole for sure. Nothing beats home.
What is one lesson every beginner splitboarder should know? Keep your head up, your hips forward, and your weight on your heels when ascending steeper slopes. It help you maintain traction on your skins. I got that tip from Ralph on my first day splitting and it really helped me out. What video projects will you appear in this season and what mountain ranges or lines are on your radar? My friends and I made a movie called Go! A Snowboard Road Trip that will release for free on this fall. I will also be featured in Sweetgrass productions newest release entitled Valhalla. I'm still just dreaming about next season. I am hoping to explore my home range, the Tetons, a bit more, but my main goal as usual is to ride as much powder as possible.